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The spring ORC starts on Thursday, April 5th!
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The purpose of the One Room Challenge™ is to encourage and support each other in finishing a room. The spirt of the ORC is solely to celebrate all design styles in a positive, supportive environment.

1. Link up rooms ONLY dedicated to the One Room Challenge™.

2. So that readers can navigate through the event, you MUST include a link back in each of your weekly post to the ORC linking page.

3. The inclusive spirit of the ORC prohibits participants from creating and promoting a "friends group" of rooms, within your 6 weekly posts that manipulates viewers away from the ORC link-up page and all of the other participants.

4. Any links included in your posts must be relevant to your ORC space and not off-topic (eg. travel, food, etc.).

5. You must use the ORC Guest Participant logo in every post to be eligible for feature/showcase opportunities. The logo will be available in a future email.

For your project to remain visible on the link-up page, these rules must be followed.

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Final room reveals on Thursday, May 10th.
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